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For human beings, the presence of a pet is not very large. Animals that are kept in pet, but can not speak the words, owners are healed in its presence, is soothing the mind, you have pets as a member of the family.
Such pet that it can be said that the representative of, I dogs and cats, as one of the animals that are kept as pets, there are a rabbit.
Rabbits, long ears and red eyes and a long tooth features, and comes out well to such as picture books and animation.
Prefer its adorable appearance, it is more that welcome pets, you very often.
Meanwhile, very cute rabbit, in a relatively good-natured personality, actually head even smarter, you can also learn the toilet be carried out exactly as the discipline.
Of course, even if the rabbit, because there is a type and personality, the same as those of the other animals, personality in a variety is, or was selfish, but some rowdy rabbit.
It also considering an attractive rabbit hell on earth, it is sure to seem lovable.
In Japan, the kind that have been kept in a pet is the type that is not inhabited originally in Japan. So, by any chance, just because not be brought up, if there is that discarding, rabbit does not go live, it leads to death.
It also can say is when you buy any animal, but that keep a pet, up to that time to greet the last moment, do not forget that it is necessary to prepared to see the firm care.
In terms of keeping the animal, a place to become indebted, is a hospital. We, human beings in the case of illness, or ask them to prescribe the medicine to go to the hospital, in or ask them to surgery, do the treatment.
Animal be the same, the presence of the hospital, on the animal will be healthy to live healthy, you said that essential presence.
In this site, and the rabbit, we will talk about the hospital.
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